At VRDC 2019 I gave the talk “Sculpting and Simulations with 6DoF Controllers”. The talk covers using 6DoF controllers to guide mesh deformation in Oculus Medium and using Kelvinlets in a lightweight physically based simulation. Topics include representing a controller’s position and orientation as a rigid translation and a displacement gradient tensor, using that representation to feed a Kelvinlets simulation, and using adaptive integrators to efficiently deform a mesh’s vertices.

The slides are available here (be sure to read the speaker notes!):

Sculpting And Simulations Slides

Additional notes that didn’t make it into the presentation can be found at:

ODE Solvers

Calibrating Kelvinlets

Sample source code was released by Facebook/Oculus under the BSD license to supplement the talk. The sample code shows how to deform meshes using regularized Kelvinlets as well as with affine transformations. It compiles in both C++ and GLSL and consists of only header files. The code is available at the fbsamples Github site:

Sculpting And Simulations Sample